How To Restore Furniture Without Breaking The Bank

Furniture restoration might be a concern if you have antique furniture or furniture damaged by water or another harmful element. However, you won’t need to break the bank just because it needs a little TLC. These are some tips for restoring your needy furniture without hurting your pockets.

When Is It Cost-Effective To DIY?

You may want to try to DIY the work yourself. While that’s commendable, it’s not always a wise thing to do. First, you’ll need to examine and assess the damage to ensure it’s something that can be taken care of quickly and without hassle. Don’t hesitate for one second to contact a professional if any part of the job seems too difficult to shoulder.

If you want to try to do the job yourself, you can start with these processes:

Clean your furniture.

The first thing you’ll need to do is thoroughly clean the furniture. You’ll need to first remove all the dust and then go over it with lukewarm water. You don’t want to be too abrasive on the items, but you do want to get them clean. Once you have everything cleaned off, you can start the next part of the process.

Sand and strip.

Now it’s time to remove your old finish. You can use a sander or a chemical ingredient to remove it. The choice is 100 percent yours, and it depends on what makes you feel more comfortable. You may have to use a putty knife to get the remnants of the old finish off. Take your time and ensure you do it thoroughly for the best result.

Add your sealant.

The next step is to add an excellent sealant to your furniture and ensure it covers the whole piece. When your sealant dries, you’ll need to go over the entire amount of furniture again with sandpaper to get it as it should be.

Paint the furniture.

Now you’re ready to apply the paint or stain to the furniture. It would be wise to do a single coat first and then go over it again with a second coating if the first one looks well.

Put the finish on.

Wait until your paint dries, and then add a finish to preserve your restored items. Once you finish trying, you can truly say that the job is complete.

If you are nervous about any part of this antique furniture restoration process, you should not hesitate to contact a professional to see if you can get help with the project. An expert will be delighted to assist you.