Antique Furniture Restoration in Slaughter, LA

At Americajun Furniture Solutions, I pride myself on promptly providing world-class service to all my customers. I am passionate about two things: wood care and wood maintenance. If you want to give your furniture some TLC, look no further than Americajun Furniture Solutions.

I am a furniture repairer that offers library remodeling and antique furniture restoration services. My primary focus is on restoring the woodwork on contemporary and antique furniture.

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Antique Furniture Restoration

Allow me to breathe new life into your antique furniture. I restore antique wood furniture and give stale furniture a new look. Regardless of which era your antique piece comes from, or the wood used to manufacture the piece, I will source the wood required either from within the country or import it. It isn’t uncommon for me to write handwritten letters to get the right wood from remote locations.

I will restore your antique furniture so it can be handed down for generations. When you restore an antique piece, you are restoring a piece of history and bringing it back to life. Don’t throw that old antique piece out because you think it’s seen better days. Bring it to me, and allow me to show you that there’s still life in that piece.

This is my promise and commitment to each client that, as a furniture maker, I will restore the antique piece and use the same wood used to manufacture the piece to provide outstanding service that meets your requirements.

Furniture Restoration

I restore and repair contemporary furniture as well. Much of my work requires me to repair and strengthen contemporary furniture. I have years of industry experience and can offer restoration services on a wide range of contemporary furniture.

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What Sets My Service Apart

I have built a reputation in this industry for myself and my business with my meticulous attention to detail. If you bring your furniture to me, I will restore the piece, whether it’s an antique or contemporary, back to its former glory. Don’t waste money on new, over-produced furniture that’s only appealing on the outside.

Instead, spend that money on restoring an older piece of furniture that you know is made from quality wood and is durable. I will restore the intricate details on the wood finishes and bring the luster it once had back to life. Your antique piece will again be the statement piece it was in the period it was produced.

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