How To Protect Your Furniture From Damage

Wood furniture gives a sleek look, a vintage charm, a natural feel, and an improved visual interest in a room. It is also more customizable, resalable, and durable. Available in different wood grains, textures, and tones, wooden furniture looks timeless and can even last a lifetime.

However, wood is a natural material susceptible to scratches, abrasion, and wear and tear. Be it the best dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, or living room furniture – it needs periodic deep cleaning and constant care to look stylish and stunning. Here are some practical, effective, and affordable furniture care tips.

Keep It Out of Direct Sunlight

The ultraviolet sun rays destroy or change the wood’s lignin, a component of wood that strengthens the cell walls. This causes bleaching, darkening, and fading of the wood furniture. The UV rays also cause ‘spotting’ whereby dark and bright spots appear across the cross-section of your furniture.

Avoid Direct Exposure to High Temperatures 

Avoid placing hot objects for prolonged periods on solid wood furniture. It can distort the texture of the surface. Whether walnut, oakwood, mahogany, or maple, any natural wood can swell, warp, or shrink under high temperatures. Moreover, since wood is organic, direct exposure to heat might cause the surfaces to stain or crack.

Inventory Your Furniture When Moving

Create a detailed list of all your furniture items: bookshelves, cupboards, wardrobes, dressers, desks, nightstands, tables, chairs, couches, sofas, beds, etc. Use a pen and a notepad to complete this inventory, or fill it in faster using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Plus, wrap your furniture using packing materials like:

  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress and sofa covers
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

These items are affordable and can help protect your furniture significantly. Remember that furniture is heavy. Therefore, they are prone to breakdown if mishandled. Using a dedicated mattress/sofa cover, or bubble wrap, you will not have to worry about your furniture breaking down when loading or unloading them.

Protect It From Scratches 

Avoid tossing hard or sharp objects onto your furniture. Prevent this by getting bowls and trays that you will use for items like watches, keys, or similar items. Avoid dragging vases, dishes, and glasses across your tables. Instead, always pick them using coasters, pads, and mats.

Moreover, protect your sofa from scratches by keeping your pet’s nails trimmed. You can also install a cat flap or pet door, so your furry friend can play outside.

Be Wary of Mold and Moisture 

High humidity levels can cause your furniture to swell, followed by the appearance of mold. Prevent this from occurring by closing your windows during rainy and wet days. You can also reduce humidity levels around your house by placing moisture-absorbing plants such as Peace Lily or Boston Fern.

Have a Scratch, Stain, or Dent? Call Americajun Furniture Solutions

Hopefully, you now understand how to prevent furniture damage. However, your furniture can sustain scratches, stains, and dents even with the best care and deep cleaning. It would be best to treat small damages and seek professional attention before they worsen.

Regular care, attention, and repairs can give your wood furniture more good years. Contact us today for affordable, onsite furniture repair and installation services.