Range Mover in Slaughter, LA

Americajun Furniture Solutions offers shelf-moving and furniture installation services for commercial businesses. I primarily offer this service to libraries, but it is also available to other commercial businesses that need shelves moved in a short amount of time.

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How It Works

Library remodeling often includes moving freestanding steel shelves to allow technicians to install new carpets or a new floor layout. This is a costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive project. Books need to be moved off the shelves in some kind of order to maintain the call number order. During this time, visitors will have no access to books. Americajun Furniture Solutions are shelf movers that help to make a six-month project happen in six days, depending on the size of the business and the amount of shelving that needs to be moved. I eliminate the need to remove the books from the shelves before the shelves can be moved into a temporary location while the floors are being remodeled.

I use a Range Mover tool to move the shelves to a different location while the floors are being remodeled or carpets are being put in. This means that I can save you time and money in the process. In addition, the time required to move the shelves to a temporary location is drastically reduced. And in the process, the time visitors are required to wait before accessing the books is also dramatically reduced.

What Is a Range Mover?

A Range Mover is a specialized tool to move large, freestanding shelves. The Mover is made up of metal racks with casters. The equipment features hydraulic jacks that help to lift the shelving. The Mover can move large steel racks without clearing the books off the rack first.

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Why Choose Us for Library Remodeling & Beyond

My efficient and effective service will save your business a lot of money. A project of this magnitude can be conducted in a matter of days instead of months. I will come in, move the shelves to the desired location, and when the project is complete, I will move the shelves back into their original position or the position indicated to me by the company.

Keeping books on the shelf in the right order is an enormous task. Why move the books off the shelf first and create more work if you can simply move the entire shelf with the books intact? Call my furniture maker‘s office at (225) 658-9498 to arrange this service for your business.

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