How To Maintain Your Wooden Furniture

Brush 1900x1268It’s crucial to know how to maintain your wood furniture in order to keep it looking good, healthy and long-lasting. Whether you have old or new pieces, knowing how to take care of them will help you enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Dust It Regularly

A gleaming, lustrous piece of wood furniture can add elegance to any room. But like anything else, a wooden piece will require regular cleaning to maintain its shine. The first step to cleaning a piece of wood is dusting it properly. You can do this by using a soft cloth and feather duster. For the best results, make sure the cloth is slightly damp and use it in circular motions to remove loose dust from the surfaces of your furniture. Another way to dust your wood furniture is to use a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth has split fibers that instantly capture and trap dust as you wipe it down the surface. You can also use a microfiber cloth to clean spots that have a sticky residue.

Keep It Moisture-Free

Wooden furniture needs special attention to ensure it lasts a long time. It requires careful cleaning, and regular waxing and refinishing to keep it looking good. However, if they are exposed to too much moisture, it can cause mold and rot. Moisture can also seep into the pores of wood, causing water stains or discoloration. This can be a result of spills, fading dyes, paints or everyday wear and tear. If your wooden furniture is prone to water stains, you may want to cover it when not in use. A humidifier can help prevent dry air from damaging your wood furniture. Humidifiers increase the relative humidity in your home, minimizing shrinkage cracks that can occur in your wood furniture over time.

Don’t Over-Clean Woman,restoring,furniture

Wood furniture can look shiny and spotless, but after a while, dust, dirt and dings can begin to take their toll. This is why it is important to not over-clean your wooden furniture, which can cause damage to the wood and its finish. Rather, it is essential to clean the furniture regularly to keep it looking its best. Usually, a simple dusting with a soft cloth will suffice, but in extreme cases, you may want to use a cleaning solution. If you are unsure about the type of cleaning product to use, try spot testing it first. If you find that it has negative effects on the furniture, then discontinue using it. This will prevent any damage to your wooden furniture.